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I’m not just an agent & adviser; I’m an investor.

17 Buchanan – Cobourg

Feb. 2010. Buchanan was my first investment property. I went right into purchasing a purpose built 6-plex! Located in Cobourg, a smaller town with a very low vacancy rate and competitive rents. Continual renovations over the years have not helped the monthly cash flow, but has done wonders for my net worth. I have a property manager controlling this “remote” property and I continue to build my team in this market.

169 Park Rd. S. – Oshawa

May 2011. Park Rd was a legal 2-unit property when I purchased it in 2011, but in need of significant updating and I inherited lousy tenants. Well located, within a kilometer of the Oshawa Centre. After significant renos including a foundation dig and wrap, and updates throughout the interior, this property is finally up to my standards. As with any investment, if the circumstances change, it sometimes makes sense to sell. I did sell this property in March 2016, using the proceeds for down payments in three other properties.

435 Howard St. – Oshawa

September 2012. My first joint venture project. We purchased this property and proceeded to renovate the upper unit and built a legal lower 2 bdrm suite. Located across the street from the proposed midtown Oshawa Go station. Refinanced after the reno was completed, this property will remain a solid cash flow generator.

72 Westmount St – Oshawa

July 2013. Another joint venture project. This purpose built 9-plex is located adjacent to the Oshawa Centre. Much of the cash flow since acquisition has been used to fund improvements to the building and individual units. We expect this property to generate us long term wealth and future cash flow.

140 Coldwater – Orillia

December 2013. My first venture into Orillia. Targeting the students attending Lakehead University, this property is on the bus line that leads directly into the University campus AND the same line also heads south towards the downtown. The bungalow contains four small to midsize rooms. I have a property manager representing me on this venture.

228 Gibbons St – Oshawa

July 2014. Purchased as a legal 2-unit dwelling, I proceeded to orchestrate cosmetic renovations in both units. Now fully rented in both upper and lower levels, in addition to an oversized garage, which I use for my own personal use now, this property is now a renovated, cash flow generating property, well located, just 0.6 km north of the Oshawa Centre.

427 Madison Ave – Oshawa

May 2015. Purchased as a legal 2-unit dwelling. This one also needed some cosmetic renovations in both units. We dealt with moisture issues, but once resolved has been a very good property for us. Like the Gibbons property purchased the year before, this one is also in the McLaughlin district of Oshawa.

708 Hortop St – Oshawa

June 2015. Purchased as a legal 2-unit dwelling. This one was fairly turnkey, but it only had 1 bdrm in each unit. Where others saw it as too small, we saw the potential for profitability. Despite the lower rents, when compared to other rentals we own, this one is making us money.

218 Cochrane St. – Whitby

March 2016. Purchased as a legal 2-unit dwelling. Extremely well located in a wonderful school district, this property generates more income per unit than any of our other properties. We used some of the proceeds from the Park Rd sale for the down payment.

415 Stevenson Rd. N. – Oshawa

April 2016. This bungalow was purchased with an unfinished basement and an upper level in need of many updates. Part of a joint venture, we updated the upper unit and completely built a legal second suite, Now this McLaughlin area bungalow is totally renovated and generating good rents.

277 Galway Crt. – Oshawa

June 2016. This semi was purchased with a basement apartment that wasn’t legal. With a joint venture partner, we built the one bedroom legal apartment, to go along with the 3 bdrm main level of the building. We used the rest of our proceeds from the sale of Park Rd in order to pay for the down payment.

816 Battell Crt. – Cobourg

April 2017. This NOT legal two kitchen raised bungalow is the newest property I have ever acquired. The lower level will need to be legalized prior to us allowing tenants to occupy that suite. It is also a part of a JV agreement. I am proud to say that this property will mean that we acquired a property every year for EIGHT consecutive years.

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction. – John F. Kennedy.

Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in. – Napoleon Bonaparte.

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